Our red wines are generous, suttle and full-bodied. Served between 16° and 18°C, there are excellant with cured meat (paté, ham, etc.) and red meats, but to discover the best of their character (and the character of our vineyards) we would suggest partridge or wild boar.

Il est venu le temps de boire...
Our rosé wines, of a clear salmony pink are supple and fruity, an excellant balance between the traditional methods of our fathers and the most modern methodes available. Served chilled (between 6° and 8°C) they are excellent with seafood and fish.

Our red wines matured in oak casks has a round woody taste which enhances but does not overide their natural fruity mellow tannin character, wich portrays the speciality and tradition of this vineyard. We can taste the mixture of nature and knowledge.

Domaine Estève Rouge:
Tasting hints :
Medium red colour. Complicated nose with moorland, animal and spicey aromas. A mellow wine with a balanced tannic level.
Consumption hints :
An ideal wine for daily or festival meals.
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Domaine Estève Rosé:
Tasting hints :
Pale " old rose " colour. Discreet smokey nose. A soft fruity first impression followed by a mellow aftertaste.
Consumption hints :
Serve between 7° and 8° with seafood and fish. Can also be served as an aperitif.
Distinctions : Gold medal, 'Concours General Agricole' Paris, 1998 and 1999.

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Chateau des Adouzes Rouge Tradition:
Tasting hints :
Deep ruby red colour. Complicated nose with hints of herbs, pepper and animal aromas. A full bodied and soft first impression in the mouth. A persistant taste with dissolved tannins.

Consumption hints :
Red meats, traditional cooking and special occasions.
Distinctions :
Bronze medal, 'Concours Agricole de Paris", 1996

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Chateau des Adouzes Rosé:
Tasting hints :

A colour rose salmon with a strong, clear, fruity and agreable nose. very fresh and full in the mouth.
Consumption hints :
Serve between 7° and 8° as an aperitif or for all summer meals (salads, etc.).

Distinctions : Silver Medal 'Concours Agricole de Paris' in 1999.
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Chateau des Adouzes Rouge
Vieilli et Elevé
en Fûts de Chêne

Tasting hints :
Dark ruby-red colour. Intense woody nose with a discreet liquorice background.Lively and persistent in the mouth
Consumption hints :
Traditional cooking, game, red meat and cheese.

Distinctions :
Silver Medal 'Concours Agricole de Paris' in 1996.
Gold Medal 'Concours Agricole de paris' in 1999 for 1997.
This red vintage wine, bottled under the name 'Vat 2000' gained a silver medal in Paris in 1998 (CGA) and was mentionned 'Coup de coeur' in the Hachette guide of wines.

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Cuvée Elégance
Chateau des Adouzes Rouge:

Tasting hints:
A strong ruby-red colour. A complex 'grilled' nose, with hints of spices that promise a fine maturation. A rounded, complex mouth, based on a tannic structure, perfect for ageing (10 years).

Consumption hints:
Mushroom based recipes, especially cepes, red meat, game and cheese.

Mentioned in Hachette wine guide 2000.

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Our wines are commercialized in two groups :

Red: 37.5cl, 50cl, 75cl, 150cl.
Rosé: 37.5cl, 50cl, 75cl.

Red: 37.5cl, 75cl, 150cl.
Rosé: 37.5cl, 75cl.
Red matured in oak casks : 37.5cl, 75cl, 150cl.

100% of the harvest are directly commercialized by the grower :

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